"There are various people."

Translation:Ci sono diverse persone.

June 4, 2013

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I put, "Ci sono diversa gente". I'm curious why this is incorrect. Is it because I put 'ci sono' and not 'c'e'?


Yes, gente works like people, except that in Italian collective nouns are always treated as singular.


Thanks formica. I figured it was incorrect due to the ci sono rather than the diversa gente.


Aha! NOW I get it! Thanks, f.formica...


Thanks. So that's the trick


I put "Ci sono diverse gente" and it was marked wrong with the answer being "Ci sono diverse persone." So is there a rule as to when you use "gente" for people and when you use "persone," since that was the only incorrect part of my sentence?


"gente" is singular but you have used it with a plural adjective, "diverse", that is why your sentence was incorrect, not because of using "gente" instead of "persone". So, if using "gente", you would need to say "diversA gente"


C'e gente diversa. - Not accepted as well. :(


"C'è diversa gente" means that there are several different people (various = different from one another); the meaning of "several" is actually stronger.

"C'è gente diversa" means that the people there are cumulatively different from other people.

The same with "persone", except that "persone diverse" doesn't specify if they're different from the people here or from one another.


Thank you for the explanation.


"C'è gente diversa" also Was marked wrong. I'm very confused, is there should be "c'è diversa gente", i.e. the order of words - that was the point???


Accepted June 2021


I said " ci sono diversa gente" nd it was marked wrong. I do not know why and it is pointless reporting it. They do nothing.


See F.Formica's reply way up top. It is an excellent explanation. In short, DL did nothing because there was nothing to correct. The proper translation is cè not ci sono.


Why not "gente" instead of "persone"?


That works, as long as you write "c'è diversa gente".


if one needs to use diversA with gente why is diverse ok with persone?


"Gente" is a noun which, in Italian, is feminine but also singular although in English its translation "people" is plural, therefore we need the adjective also to be feminine and singular, which "diversa" is. "Persone", although also means "people", is a plural feminine noun therefore its adjective needs to agree with it, i.e to also be feminine and plural so we use the form "diverse" which is feminine and plural.


Thanks for the excellent and clear response


Perché non "parecchie"?


Why is popolo wrong?


Because popolo isn't just a plural number of people. You're better off thinking of it as "nation" rather than people, in the American sense of the word, e.g. the Cherokee Nation: not a country, but a distinct independent culture.

As an example, in the Italian National Anthem there's the line "Noi fummo da secoli calpesti, derisi / perché non siam popolo, perché siam divisi": "We were for centuries trampled on, mocked / because we are not popolo, because we are divided". You can easily see why the plural "people" doesn't work: the singular "a people" does, as "nation" would.


I answered C' è diversa gente and it corrected it to C è varia gente. What's the difference?


In terms of meaning, what is the difference between gente and persone??


Why not "gente"?


"gente" will work fine, but you need to use "diversa" and NOT "diverse." That is because "gente" is considered a singular group of people (it is always treated as a singular noun).


I wrote ci sono diversa gente and was still marked wrong.


Carolyn, it was marked wrong because "diversa gente" is singular, so you can't use "ci sono" with it. The next time you encounter that question, use "C'è diversa gente" and it should be correct. You need to keep an eye on what's plural vs singular, and that can be challenging with a word like "people" ('gente' (singular) vs. 'persone' (plural)).


Thank you. I should have detected that!


Perché è sbagliato "ci sono molti persone"?


gente and persone - not the same? ci sono diverse gente gens et personnes why not? gente and personas ???


What is going on with duolingo? It says write this in Italian and then the correct answer is "There are several people."

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