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Declention/mutations of possessive pronouns?

I'm asking since I can't find any information about it on the Internet - do the irish possessives undergo mutations or declention? For example if I wanted to ask "Where are you, my wife?" - would be "Cá bhfuil tú, a mho bhean?" or "Cá bhfuil tú, a mo bhean?"? Or maybe we just skip the "a" in that case ("Cá bhfuil tú, mo bhean?") or use some completely different structure?

Thanks in advance :)

September 17, 2014



Are you asking about the possessive adjectives, or about the nouns which the possessive adjectives govern? Are you asking about them only in the vocative case?


about the possessive adjectives themselves, I know that the nouns after the possessives are lenited/eclipsed. And not only in vocative, in any situation that would normally trigger the mutation (besides vocative it could be for example the situation like "in your apple" - would it be "i nd'ull" ?

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