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Recording audio cuts me off before I'm finished

This happens at least once a day and is maddening... During one of the speaking exercises, such as "Durant une journée, il a disparu", the recording cuts me off and starts processing the speech before I've barely gotten the first word out of my mouth. I am using the web app on the latest Google Chrome on Mac OS X.

Most of the time, it cuts me off mid-word which doesn't make sense. I end up spending the next 45-60 seconds repeating the sentence over and over and over again and it keeps cutting me off and trying to process the audio before I even hit the stop button. I've tried speaking it faster and slower and even having my French girlfriend speaking the audio for me and it seems to not care.

If there is one thing that can overwhelmingly make Duolingo better, it is fixing something like this that can demoralize people as they are trying to speak a native language.

September 18, 2014



I'm not on the tech team. But, I think what you are experiencing is not so much a glitch as it is the (less than perfect) technology Duolingo could afford right now. My solution was just to turn off the mic. When Duolingo ran tests on it, they found out that just by having it available users continued to use Duolingo longer, so, they kept it. But, if it is hindering you, just remind yourself to say things out loud instead of having Duolingo remind you. I personally just say everything outloud. The added practice has helped me a lot with face to face conversations. :)

If you would like to turn off your speaker, click on your username where it appears in the blue bar at the top of the screen, then click "Settings".

I hope this helps! :)


Hi there - As frustrating as it is, I'd rather just keep using the microphone and skip those ones or hope that Duolingo allows us to press the stop button rather than them trying to detect when we stop.


I am having the same issue in spanish running on a samsung 10s tablet. Is it an issue with mic sensitivity? I wish the issue addressed since the feedback from the process is very important in making the program more useful.


I find this occasionally with the iOS version, but I can't get audio recording to work predictably AT ALL for MacOS/Chrome or Windows 10/Chrome

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