"Could you hand me the cheese?"

Translation:Rækker du mig osten?

September 18, 2014



I said "Kan du give mig osten?" This was not accepted. Danish is my native language i feel embarrassed but it should be right? Yeah you can say "Kan du give mig osten?" if you don't feel like being polite i don't think a dane would get really offended by that unless you are talking to some snob It's the same as saying "Can you give me the cheese?"

September 16, 2015


Where is "could" coming from?

On hover it says "kunne", and taking cues from Dutch and German, I wrote, "Kunne du mig osten rækker?" This is wrong, so I'm curious how "could" came about.

September 18, 2014


You could say "Kunne du række mig osten?" if you want to be very polite, or "Kan du række mig osten?" if you want to be a little polite.

Watch the word order is different in Danish than German.

September 18, 2014


    Yes, and both are excepted. Alternatively, if you wanted to be really polite you could say "Må du række mig osten?". Plus, adding on to what km1 was saying, watch out for the tenses, række should be in infinitive form

    September 18, 2014


    Any thoughts on pronouncing rækker and række differently? Struggling making them sound different lol.

    May 14, 2015


    Just that there is actually an R sound on the end of rækker, just that it's even softer than the R in English, which is pretty soft. It is totally absent in række though.

    August 27, 2018


    For multiple choice I picked "Rækker du mig osten?" as well as "Giver du mig osten?" I know rækker and giver don't mean the exact same thing, but they are pretty interchangeable in English. Considering there is usually an obviously wrong word in the options at this point, and these two options are so similar, why can't the "giver" option be accepted?

    September 18, 2014


    Because "giver" and "rækker" in your sentence is "Are you giving me the cheese?" and "Are you handing me the cheese?" Instead it should be "Kan (could) du (you) give (give) mig (me) the cheese (osten)?" or in polite form "Kan du række (hand) mig osten?" The duolingo translation "Rækker du mig osten" is therefore also wrong

    September 16, 2015


    I actually tried "Rækker du mig osten" and it was wrong it was actually "Vil du rekke mig osten"

    October 14, 2017
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