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Be present: Alphabet pronuciation/phonetics

Should have modules on phonetics in which instructing learners how to pronounce each sound/letter/...

September 18, 2014



Not that easy. Sounds change in relation to other sounds, so there isn't a real one on one correspondence. This is pretty much true of all languages. The best way to pick that up is by listening carefully to the voice on the Danish-English translations and the "Listen and write" sections.


I feel the Danish course would be a good one to have this guide seeing as the TTS isn't always the best source. but here is a pretty good list.

edit: sorry you have to click on "pronunciation". for whatever reason, it didn't link to that specific page.


You're right, the TTS isn't very good. For that reason, I use the pronunciation dictionary forvo.com to look up words and make sure I'm pronouncing them correctly. It has a pretty thorough collection of Danish words.

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