"Würdet ihr für mich nachfragen?"

Translation:Would you inquire for me?

September 18, 2014

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Does this mean asking someone about me, or asking someone on behalf of me?


What is the difference between nachfragen and fragen?


I believe "nachfragen" is specifically intransitive, while "fragen" can be transitive or intransitive. Generally, I think "nachfragen" is best translated as "inquire" while fragen is best translated as "ask": You can inquire about something, but you can't inquire someone. Whereas, you can ask about something as well as ask someone.


Ich denke nachfragen ist etwas spezifischer. Man fragt NACH etwas Bestimmten.


It is not a capitalised ihr, shouldn't this then be a 'she'?


ihr can be "she/her" , "formal you" (capitalized) and "you plural" (not capitalized). "Würdet" is second person plural = ihr.


This is really helpful as I still keep making mistakes about it, I now realize that I should pay more attention to the verb endings, thanks.


Is this 'inquire - formal' or 'enquire - general'. Both are marked right but this makes the question non-specific. Is there a difference in German?


It seems to me that we get sentences that are designed to give the various meaning of a particular word (nachfragen). However I sometimes feel that the translation of the sentence would rarely, if ever, be actually used in the simple English that I as a native speaker use!

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