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A long way to go

In the Canary Islands and missed my bus, so set off on a three mile walk in the sun. I got to a bus stop and was offered a lift by an elderly car driver.

I was able to convey a few things about my holiday but my, dont the Spanish speak fast (I know, I listen too slowly)

However in telling him I was from England, had returned a bicycle and other snippets it was a lot more than he would have got three months ago. At that point I could have ordered a beer!

Duolingo keeps telling me I can understand 65% of written Spanish. My stats on oral are not so good.


3 years ago



You can become conversant in another language at almost any level with practice and a willing partner. Try a site like mylanguageexchange.com to find someone you can practice with. Learn a few basic phrases to help yourself out, and then go. Here's a couple I find useful:

  • Qué es la significa de la palabra [word]?
  • Como se dice [word/phrase] en español/castellano?
  • Repitalo por favor.
  • Lo siento, pero no entiendo.

I speak Spanish with native speakers as much as I can, and you are further down your tree than I am (although I studied Spanish before Duolingo). The other night, after an intercambio with a native speaker, I was talking to my wife and mentioned my goal to one day be fluent. She said 'you sound fluent to me'. I am not, of course, but it was a very nice compliment.

Jacob is absolutely right- conversation is a different skill set than reading and that is different that oral comprehension, and you need to practice all of them. Good luck!

3 years ago

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por favor, dame cerveza!

How often do you listen to Spanish music, audiobooks, telenovelas, noticias or peliculas? I try to listen as much as possible. "Hace mucho tiempo, en una galaxia muy, muy lejana "

You will get there, buena suerte!

3 years ago


Yes, I'm never sure what that percentage actually means! I seem to understand so little, I took it to mean I was 65% of the away through the DuoLingo..... or something....

3 years ago


It's definitely different... reading vs listening vs speaking. Three different skills. Keep it up though :)

3 years ago