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  5. "Katten gemmer sig."

"Katten gemmer sig."

Translation:The cat is hiding.

September 18, 2014



Haha, so wonderful when language reveals the culture. I think many of the Danes I know would agree that the best way to save yourself is to lie low, or hide!


Was that a sneaky dig at World War 2?


Yes, DrunkenPirate, lying low was a technique that worked very well for some in WWII. However there was also a famous moment when King Christian X rode out into the street on his horse, wearing an armband with the Star of David on it. Today I feel that moment was echoed when more than 30,000 people in KBH (and others elsewhere) gathered, held their heads high and said very firmly that they as a nation will not stand for hatred, racism or intolerance. I am very proud of Denmark tonight. https://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland/Video/2015/02/16/202456.htm


So "gemmer" itself is "to save", but "gemmer sig" is "to hide [oneself]"?


"Gemmer" is "to save" in the sense of saving for later. "Redder" is "to save" in the sense of rescuing.


My understanding is redder is "to rescue", gemmer is "to hide". "Gemmer sig" would essentially be "hide from yourself", thus saving it. Similar to the french word cache "to hide" but in english it is used to refer to a hidden supply or reserve, to cache something is to save it for later


Yup, my cat is sitting under the table (mostly) hidden from view as I write this sentence.


So "gemmer" is "saving" and "hiding"? I dont see it..


The help sais gemmer means saving. Why doesnt the app accept it then?


So it is:

jeg gemmer mig

du gemmer dig

han / hun gemmer sig

vi gemmer os

I gemmer jer

de gemmer sig

Is that correct?? Can someone confirm?


so "sig" is the same as "sin/sit"?what is it for and why can't we use "sin" ?


Sin/sit are used for possession. Sig refers to self. Katten gemmer sig, the cat hides itself


So "sig" refers to the subject instead of using "mig, dig, etc."? Just like "sin/sit" does?


Ya mig, dig and sig are used to refer to the subject and mit, dit, and sit are used to indicate possession respectively


Sig is a "reflexive" pronoun; sin/sit are "possessive" pronouns.


i am actually getting these on the first try !!!! i feel so wonderful...but i dont as yet know that or any similar word!


Can we also say: Jeg gemmer mig. ?

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