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  5. "Lei parla con se stessa."

"Lei parla con se stessa."

Translation:She speaks to herself.

September 18, 2014



if i wanted to say: i talk to myself would it be io parlo con me stessa (fem)?


I also would like an answer to this one from someone who knows.


Yes.. Parlo con me stessa (fem) is correct.


Thanks sandrabruck


Does preposition "con" transform "si" in "se"?


yes.. si with a preposition becomes "se" and also si followed by "stesso" becomes "se".

Have a look here:



Hi, Sandra. The DL notes say that the tonic form for relexives is . How come it is plain old se here, do you know?

Many thanks. :)


stessa is also correct, but less used. se without accent is the conjunction and is the reflexive pronoun, third person singular).

se lui riflettera tra , capirà

Lei parla con se stessa. o: Lei parla con sé stessa.

In the case of the reflexive pronoun the accent is only obligatory if the "sé" is isolated or ambiguous (to avoid confusion with the conjunction).

So if the reflexive pronoun is followed by a connecting word (stesso, medesimo etc.) the accent normally isn't obligatory. "se stesso", "se medesimo" etc. BUT it would be better to write: sé stesse and sé stessi (to avoid confusion with the conjunction + form of the verb "stare": se stessi male....).



Wow. OK. I think. I am going to have to read this through a few times. So far, I get that the accent is only compulsory if it could be ambiguous without it. Many thanks, Sandra - you've given me food for thought. :)


Anyway in Italian the accents are going lost day by day and nobody is caring if you use them or not except on few words like è (verb)


OK. I think my brain has warmed up. Stare. Subjunctive imperfect. Stessi. Mi sentivo come se stessi per morire. A-ha! I think I know what you are talking about. Thank you so much. You seem to know a LOT about this. Do you teach Italian? Have a good one. :)


Do not confuse, here it means I felt like I was dying (verb is STARE=to stay but here is intended as to be). If you want confusion: "sentivo me stesso come se stessi morendo nello stesso istante"=I was feeling myself like if I was dying in the same moment"


For Dante

Thanks for trying to help.

I was talking to Sandra Bruck about se and . She explains that stesso/i often becomes se stesso/i - unless there could be confusion with the imperfect subjunctive of stare.

Read her comment, and you'll understand better what I was talking about. [Parlavo un po' con me stessa!]

Have a good one. :)


K, humm. I'm a little confused. I thought se stesso,a,i,e comes from the adjective stesso meaning same. I did not think it had anything to do with subjuctive or verb stare. In spanish we have a similar phrase for myself etc yo mismo,a which means same. Can someone clarify this for me?


Is it necessary to use word stesso/a/i/e? Is it enough to just ask Lei parla con se?


It is also correct but "con se stesso" is more used

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Yes. There is no ambiguity, but "sé stesso" is mandatory in this idiom.


In American English, "She talks to herself" would be the more common usage. Duo all too often teaches archaic or "just not quite normal" usage, which I think is a disservice to English learners.


Not just in American English! I suppose "speaks to herself" is OK but certainly in the UK "talks" would be the normal way of saying it.


When a homeschooling Mom talks to herself is she insane or is it a parent/teacher conference? (look up homeschooling memes)


"lei parla con la stessa" could that be right?


No. That would means "she talks with the same" and i think is wrong in english too.


She speaks with the same somehow means with herself, why? Surely there is a better way to say this in Italian, seems nonsensical to me.


I strictly disagree with it.It's just human nature and some people have this type of nature,what's so silly about it,huh?!

I think y'all might be mental prisoners(who have fled from the prison)


She might be insane! !!!


We all do it, admit it.


I disagree.Cause even I speak with myself in loneliness or when thinking of something,it's a natural thing.Millions of people do it also so all of them cannot be insane,right?!


"Talks to herself" "Speaks with him"


I don't get it!!


I heard "le parla", but the coreect answer was Lei parla. Again the pronuncuation is an issue.


Se means 'if' too right? Clitic has been one hell of a roller coaster... Still can't wrap my head around so many of the unexplained concepts =( How do I say "he talks to himself" ? Lui parla con se stesso?


Ok, so now I'm guessing. FFS!


She's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ mental.


I think you are a bigger mental ;~P


That happens when using cristal.


Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness...


If only I could eavesdrop.......or do I want to?


I see a "camicia di forza" in her future.


...and then she comes after you. I love this lesson, Duo!

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