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  5. "Zij studeren in de middag."

"Zij studeren in de middag."

Translation:They study in the afternoon.

September 18, 2014



Since middag means midday, I always want to translate this as "at noon/midday" instead of "in the afternoon". How about namiddag to specify afternoon?


'Middag' might literally mean midday, but in Dutch it refers to the afternoon.

If the Dutch say 'namiddag', they often mean 'in the later part of the afternoon'.

(Things are different in Flemish btw; they do use 'namiddag' to mean afternoon)

If you want to refer only to noon, then you can say '(het) middaguur'


What do you mean?


I do not remember, but I think the only option was "midday". Afternoon is more widely used, and more natural. It seemed wierd that midday was the only correct option :)


Well afternoon worked for me so it must've been fixed :)


Why midday is not acepted?

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