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  1. Lesson Summaries I think it'd be helpful at the end of the lessons or the test, to provide an exhaustive list of new vocab learned, given that the lesson/test questions are randomly generated. And because they're random, I never feel confident that I actually learned all the words I was supposed to learn. Also, it's just a good pedagogical tool to have summaries.

  2. Challenging the Exam As an intermediate learner, I like to "challenge the exam" by skipping the lesson and going straight to the test. However, that means that I'm going in without the specific vocabulary that's being prompted for translations. (e.g. there's more than one way to say "excuse")

April 25, 2012

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I agree re the lesson summaries. I think it'd be helpful to provide the vocab + maybe a few rules. Sometimes it's good to see the rules even if you don't use them as the primary learning tool.

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