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  5. "Wij gaan naar het centrum."

"Wij gaan naar het centrum."

Translation:We are going to the center.

September 18, 2014



Can this centrum be translated as downtown or city centre?


Yes, it's often used that way.


I have a question that is not related to this, and some may regard me as a complete moron ,buuut, anyway, my question is: Do the Dutch people speak as fast as in these tasks cause I find it difficult sometimes to seize and notice all the words. I often miss some "het" "naar" "aan" "de" because they say it very rapidly.


The speed of the voice here is "normal" or at least it is not fast. In some exercises it can be a little bit on the fast side, but in general it's at a "normal" speed.


Sweet! Yes, I think so that in some exercises some little words are not well-pronounced , but I guess that this may be a thing in every language..


That's also part of the pronunciation, instead of pronouncing het clearly every time the pronunciation often gets shortened to ut. And sometimes words flow into each other, but as you said that's something that happens in every language.


Is it also acceptable to say, "Wij gaan naar het cetrum toe."? After the Prepositions lesson I drilled the "naar...toe" structure into my head, and am more confused than ever now if there is something unique in the meaning or if it is the same as just saying "...naar het centrum". Thank you.


Yes, that is absolutely fine, too


Is this the centre of something or a centre (building etc)? Or both?


this is a city centre


Simius above says it's often used to mean city centre. This is how I first encountered it. Interestingly, I think the Dutch would use the original Latin plural here, centra.


could use centrums


Another common use is "winkelcentrum", a shopping mall


To my ear, the vocalization of this sounds like "s"centrum. Is there anyone else that is wondering why? Is this a extraneous "s"?


"centrum" in the slow pronunciation sounds weird, like "ecentrum".


I used "we" instead of "wij" why was this incorrect?


Did you have a listening exercise or did you maybe get something else wrong? Because it should be accepted


The given translation is poor English. In Dutch "het centrum" in a context like this ALWAYS means the village/town/city centre. In English (and also in American English) however, it is unusual to say just "the centre/center" - one says "downtown" or "city center/centre". Reported accordingly.


CENTER is American not English! Please please correct this misuse of language to CENTRE!


DuoLingo is an American site, but they usually do a good job of accepting British spellings as well.

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