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  5. "Isso é muito a considerar."

"Isso é muito a considerar."

Translation:That is a lot to consider.

June 4, 2013



I've never seen "a" used as "to" instead of "the" before. What are the rules for using an article before the infinitive?


Hmmm.... hard to explain... i think itll be more useful to learn how to use them in context. When someone/something is supposed TO do something, use TO as A


Could you also substitute "para" for "a" in this situation?


I many cases, yes. When the meaning is an objective/goal, a and para means the same.

Just remember that it's not an article, it's a preposition.


i put "this" instead of "that" for "isso". :|


It did not accept "that is a lot to think about", even though in English it means the same and is probably more common.


I agree with David52846, "That's a lot to think about" should be accepted. There may be a small number of cases in which they're not interchangeable, but to my (American) ear they mean essentially the same thing.


I did the same... and didn't accept it. But on second thought, I think it is not exactly the same. It's just a different work in both languages.

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