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Thank you Duolingo team for teaching me Irish!

Hooray! I finished the Irish tree today and it's fully golden!

I'm sure keeping it fully golden will take some work but I'm definitely looking forward to the Irish immersion tab.

September 18, 2014



Congratulations, @SeanMcGinnis! I'm in awe of anyone who's completed the Irish tree.

Each Irish chapter is a fascinating new adventure. But a Golden Duo in Irish is still an El Dorado hovering on the horizon of my dreams. Thanks for showing it can be accomplished by mere mortals (of course, assuming you are a mere mortal). Lingots for you.


:) Thank you, and trust me, I haven't come close to the end of this road. I also look forward to each new chapter in the story of my Irish adventure.


please tell me you had prior knowledge! I just started with food, but i'm already on Level 5 because i have to practice so much.


I had a little bit of prior knowledge. It helped a lot for the first quarter of the tree. After that I just spent a LOT of time doing lessons :)


still, that's really amazing! I can't even imagine to ever finish this tree!!!


I've managed to make it to level 8 but only because I'm doing a LOT of repetition. At this point, I'm confident I can say the words for "strawberry" and "I run with my dog every morning" but that's about the extent of it. It will all become clear at some point.


McGinnis (Old Gaelic = MagAonghusa) No question, Congratulations, back to your roots, eh? :-D


Maith an fear a Shéain


Congratulations! After finish this tree, how did you feel about your irish? Could you understand a conversation or a movie or something? I have some doubts about how far Duolingo can take me!


I feel I could have a conversation with someone who knew I was a beginner and would repeat things and speak slowly. I finished the Spanish tree as well and think they teach an equal amount. I think DuoLingo is great for founding a core in the language with basic vocab, phrases and a little grammar. TV and radio are spoken too fast for a beginner to understand but as I came to the end of the DuoLingo course I signed up for a small class in Irish where the teacher speaks only Irish and I think that DuoLingo has prepared me enough to attend this class. Like I said though the teacher knows I have limited Irish and will say things slowly and repeat them or explain in simple terms if need be.

DuoLingo also focuses much more on the reading/writing aspect which is why I signed up for the extra help in speaking and listening comprehension. The immersion tab with Spanish really improved my reading/writing in Spanish and I look forward to that in Irish.


How far do you believe that Duolingo should take you?


We had this discussion on the Spanish thread. On the Common European Framework (CEF) you should reach about A2 or B1 (C2 is the highest), DL say you should be B2, but the framework is not an exam, exams are measured against it. Language exams test all four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking. The DL course only has short sentences for R, W and L and doesn't have much S and none if you don't use the phone app. The course is, however, good for accuracy and I recommend it to my students for this reason. For a complete beginner DL is a good start, but to get better you need to do more than just DL and if you live in Ireland or an Irish community you will do really well.


I am excited about this course! I am descended from some McGinnis! Some say it's not all correct but to mark if there is something wrong. I know so little about Irish, I wouldn't know!


I wouldn't let that bog you down. The course has errors but as long as you keep learning via DuoLingo and other sources you'll keep on moving in the right direction.


Congratulations ... very inspiring!


How long did it take you to complete the course? its a great system and so addictive- part of me wants it to not end but I like the idea of reaching the top too.


Comhghairdeas! :D

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