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Spanish speaking experience from last night [juegos vs. huevos]

Hey :)

Last night I spoke, for about an hour, to a good friend of mine. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French thanks to her heritage, and mission to France.

At first we spoke in English, to break the awkward ice of the moment we knew was coming. Finally though, she said, "Okay, hablemos en Espanol!"

And so we did, or at least she did very well, and I tried. haha

It was awesome though because she helped me every step of the way. When I couldn't think of a word, she gave it to me, and when I got something right, she would say, "que bien!"

I honestly learned more from the hour conversation than I probably have in the past few weeks of Duolingo-ing.

I have to share an embarrassing mistake though...

I said, "Mi juegos son divertidos." I said this because she just taught me the word, "divertidos." And I figured, I'm a game developer, I'll say, "My games are fun."

Unfortunately, she heard it as, "Mi huevos son divertidos." There was an immediate outburst of laughter from her, and my instant questioning of, "what did I say?!" - "Qué te dije?!"

The problem was, that I did not have an emphasis on the "j" or "g" in "juegos", so it sounded like "huevos."

Thankfully though, the situation was quickly remedied, but man... what a laugh we both had.

It was the greatest feeling, by the end of our conversation I truly felt confidence in myself, excitement, and encouragement that I really can do this. I dreamt in Spanish that night, and even now... all day I have been thinking of Spanish. I can't get it out of my mind, I just love it so much.

I've been listening to Spanish songs all morning, and practicing on Duolingo.

In fact, here is the playlist of songs I've been listening to on Youtube.


It is a mix of popular songs in Spanish, enjoy :) - Side note on the songs, I don't actually like most of these songs. I'm just listening to them for the Spanish. So if you know of a better playlist of songs in Spanish that aren't totally Mariachi, or will put me to sleep, I'd be happy to try it out!

Thanks for the support everyone!

3 years ago


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Great story. Everyone (myself included) is always so worried about making a mistake, but we all do it, and if it's a big enough mistake we get a great story to tell as a result.

Yours reminds me of a colleague of mine years ago who was trying to practice her rusty high school Spanish with a Puerto Rican co-worker. She wanted to tell him "I have Lotus 1-2-3 on my machine" (an old spreadsheet program, on her PC). She said "Tengo Lotus 1-2-3 en mi machina" but she pronounced the m a bit too hard and the ch a bit too soft, and HE heard "Tengo Lotus 1-2-3 en mi vagina". Well you should have seen the look on his face.

3 years ago


Aww man that is priceless. Haha, thank you for sharing :)

Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

3 years ago


You do know the slang meaning of huevos, right?

3 years ago


Si, es por eso que era divertido :)

3 years ago

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I would suggest you learn, study or practice filler words. Words that are often used that will help you get through a conversation that everybody uses. It's better than muttering uhmm . . . uhhh, hmmm . . .

  • creo que
  • pienso que
  • pues
  • claro que si
  • o sea
  • la verdad es que
  • por lo menos

Keep them in mind, and eventually you will hear them used often in telenovelas, video games, film, etc. Wait I must point out that this is not my advice or my original idea. I got it from this blog http://howlearnspanish.com/2011/02/spanish-sentence-starters-and-filler-words/ There are many other blogs (language learning) blogs that list similar colloquial filler words, expressions that are often used. You will hear many of these phrases when reporters interview regular people and celebrities.

3 years ago


Great advice! Muchos gracias!

Edit: Just to clarify what those words mean for others that may come:

  • creo que : I believe that / I think
  • pienso que : think
  • pues : well...
  • claro que si : Clearly, if
  • o sea : or is
  • la verdad es que : the truth is that
  • por lo menos : least

At least roughly...

3 years ago


I think in this case pues is (loosely) "well...".

Pues...creo que...ella es ¿bonita? = Well...I think...she is...pretty? Which gives you a good long time to remember the word for 'pretty'. {grin}

3 years ago


Ah this is great! Thank you :D

3 years ago

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Funny/cool story. If you want a funny way to remember Spanish grammar rules, you may like this site


it's different weird and funny

3 years ago

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haha! love it!

3 years ago


ha ha, great story. in one of my first conversations I was thanking someone for helping me but called him a horse (un caballo) instead of a gentlemen (un caballero) :) as for music I would try Pandora radio. its free on the computer/iphone. you can create your own stations & see what you like. some stations you could try: latin pop, reggaeton , bachata, salsa, ranchero. you can also create stations by artist if you have any that you like yet. I like rkm y ken y, prince Royce & toby love but everyone has their own taste. good luck!

3 years ago


When I was doing a home stay immersion in Mexico, my host mom asked me if I brought back anything from a trip to the market and I thought I said that I was hungry ( tengo hambre ). What I really said was that I have a man (tengo hombre). She was quick to tell me that he can not spend the night.

3 years ago


I cannot keep straight in my mind: "Estoy cansada" and "estoy casada." So when some one asks how I am, I will not admit to being tired because I may say I am (feeling) married. Ugh!

3 years ago

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Do you use Spotify? There is a whole Latino section you should check out! I mainly listen to the Latin American Indie and Indie Pop en Chile playlists. But they have playlists for all other types of music.

3 years ago


Thanks for sharing your experiences! Having someone to talk to can really improve the language learning experience! Mistakes are made but in my experience people tend to be glad you are trying to learn their language and give a fair amount of grace when you mess up.

3 years ago


I have SiriusXM satellite radio, so for my 40 minutes of commute each day I keep it parked on "CNN en Espanol" and try to figure out what's happening in the news.

I find that I'm able to understand the GIST of what's happening "Scotland votes to stay part of the UK, Home Depot has lots of credit card numbers stolen, etc", though the details are still lost on me.

The announcers speak clearly but quickly, allowing me to work on base listening skills, and then whenever they dub over someone speaking in English, it gets a little harder, like when there's background noise in a restaurant.

3 years ago


Your story and all the replies to it made me chuckle all the way through. It is good to be able to laugh at ourselves. Thanks to all for sharing their funny stories!

3 years ago