I conquered French!

Presque un an que j'ai commencé à apprendre le français en Duolingo. Maintenant, je viens de finir toutes les leçons. C'était la bonne décision que j'étudiais le français. Merci pour tout Duolingo

La prochaine langue...le néerlandais peut-être?

PS: Je suis désolé si ces phrases sont grammaticalement fausse mais j'ai fait de mon mieux :)

Hello everyone, I started learning French since October 2013 and now I finally made it to the end of the French tree. I would like to thank all of you guys in this community for all the discussion topics and help. The app on my iPhone allows me to practice anywhere and anytime I want and this is great! Now I can read (with dictionary opened LOL) news on le figaro, le monde. I don't understand every words but I can understand the main idea of the news. Before I go, I recommend BuzzFeed. It is the website where you can practice your langue skill and its contents are funny and not too serious to read.

Keep up the good work Duolingo :)

September 18, 2014



    September 19, 2014

    Bravo à toi l'ami! Ton français est très bien, il y a quelques erreurs mineures mais tout est compréhensible ;) Bonne chance dans le futur

    Oh! Et j'aimerais corriger ces quelques erreurs afin de t'aider. Puisque que je ne peux pas souligner les erreurs, je vais les mettre en majuscules.

    "Presque un an que j'ai commencé à apprendre le français AVEC Duolingo."

    "C'était la bonne décision D'ÉTUDIER le français." (Infinitive form of to study. It was a good decision to study french).

    Et ici, une erreur mineure d'accord :

    "Je suis désolé si ces phrases sont grammaticalement fausseS mais j'ai fait de mon mieux." (Simplifions la phrase pour mieux voir l'erreur : "Ces phrases sont fausses". Qu'est ce qui est faux? Les phrases. Puisque "les phrases" sont au pluriel l'adjectif "fausse" devient au pluriel aussi.)

    Seriously, you're good. French is a f@$ing hard beast to master...

    September 19, 2014

    Oh I only made 3 errors? wow I thought I made more than that LOL. Thank you very much for correcting my errors as well as your encouragement. I promise I'll keep practicing my French skill not only on Duolingo but on the websites, books, movies and anything that will make my skill better :)

    September 19, 2014

    [deactivated user]

      great job!

      September 18, 2014

      I never thought of using Buzzfeed before!

      FYI: You posted the spanish page. To get to the French page, just change the "es" at the end of the url to "fr."

      September 18, 2014

      They posted both, actually. :)

      September 19, 2014

      Congratulations! :D

      September 19, 2014

      Congrats Sodarling, onto the next the one!

      September 19, 2014


      September 19, 2014

      Awesome job!

      September 19, 2014

      you do good job

      September 19, 2014

      Awesome! French is a headache for me, especially its grammar :( Congratulations on your achievement and keep practicing. Good for you :)

      September 19, 2014

      superb!keep it up!u will be a French expert!:)

      September 20, 2014

      Hey, I had no idea there was a French version of BuzzFeed! Merci beaucoup!

      September 25, 2014

      Félicitations! Le Buzzfeed est super. Bon idée.

      September 19, 2014
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