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Help: Need to change iPad app default language

I am from India and my regional settings is India and language is set to English.

When I launch Duolingo app, it starts in Hindi! I can read Hindi to some extent, but would prefer an English UI. No matter what I do, iPad app always stays in Hindi.

I have set correct language and course on web, but iPad app still remains in Hindi.

September 18, 2014

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Hello, In this case you need to uninstall the application but firstly go to application information and reset the cache data and proceed the unistall after. Then reinstall and be attentive and find the moment where you find an option about langages this is the main point !! Check it and go to the list which give you the possibility to choose your situation like this: - german from english, - english from french etc...

This method work very well for me and i recover my entire data at the same progress point I hope this will help users in this uncomfortable situation to solve the problem

Have a good Day and best practice with this good application

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