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Quick Question about the languages

Hey guys. First just wanted to say Duolingo is the best. Learned more in Duolingo then I have anywhere else (Classes, books, etc) But anyway my question is regarding the beta status of the languages.

Im currently doing Italian but I know it was one of the most recent additions. Is it still in a beta? Does that mean more stuff will be added to it in the future? Is it not as polished as the other languages? When will it leave beta stage? What languages on Duolingo are the most polished and extensive?


June 5, 2013



I believe the last language to come out of beta was Portuguese. Italian has been out of beta since February of this year. However, since the language was added later than Spanish, German, and French it may not yet be as polished as those languages since fewer people have gone through the tree. As for adding new content and updating the tree, that may still happen. I know new content was added to the French tree within the last two months and some big changes were made to the German tree as well.


Happy you're enjoying Duolingo :) Our language learning team is always working on improving the tree and the experience. Italian is no exception. You'll notice we do lots of updates all the time- that's because we're constantly working towards building the best learning experience possible. Expect more improvements soon!


Awesome thanks! Are all the tree equal in size or are some longer than others?

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