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  5. "Er verpasst den Film nicht."

"Er verpasst den Film nicht."

Translation:He is not missing the movie.

June 5, 2013



I pick up the Er is pronounced like air and ihr is pronounced as ear. Thats how I hear it. Hope it helps.


Does this mean he doesn't regret not seeing the movie, or does it mean he will definitely see the movie.


In England we would more likely refer to a 'film' instead of a 'movie' but got corrected to use the US version. Wish Duolingo would acknowledge that people outside the US speak English too (like in England for example)


How can you distinguish between er and ihr when said aloud? they sound the same and mostly have the same verb


same here... I guess it's not AmE :-)


How would you translate into German "He did not skip the film" ?

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