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  5. "Hij is mijn vriendje."

"Hij is mijn vriendje."

Translation:He is my boyfriend.

September 19, 2014



I answered with "He is my friend" but it was marked as incorrect. Is "vriendje" really the translation of "boyfriend"?


Once puberty sets in, "vriendje" refers pretty much exclusively to a boyfriend. I think that "He is my friend" should still be accepted, though, since children do have "vriendjes" en "vriendinnetjes".


Thank you, Simius. That's helpful. I did send in a report suggesting "He is my friend" as an alternative option. It would be interesting to know if Duolingo would have accepted "He is my little friend" .


Hi Phœbe, (I hope you agree calling you so,referring to 'phb'). I wrote 'He is my little friend' and, yes, it has been accepted. That means that Duo is not so wrong though, it has his own logic. Vriend=friend/Vriendje=boyfriend but also little friend. Once in a while Duo doesn't accept 'vriend', having given it a second meaning (boyfriend) who is known in the reality of the Netherlands. I can understand Duo's choice. Best wishes, Lu


Lu, what a creative way to guess my name. Actually, though, if you click on the icon beside the phb2013 it you can see that my name is Sherry. Thanks for the feedback.


From what I heard, "mijn vriend" translates as "my boyfriend" while "een vriend van mij" translates as "my friend"


Do the words vriend and vriendje work similar to Freund in German?

Like does "Hij is mijn vriend" mean "He is my boyfriend" and "Hij is een vriend" mean "He is my friend"?


I think so yes. Dutch and German are very close. In the German language there also is this deminitive part at the end -chen like in Mädchen, and Hauschen, but i don think Freundchen exists


Actually "Freundchen" exists and is in every day use. However, it is mostly used in an agressive, threathening or warning way. For example in a situation just before a bar fight. Another example might be, if a boy has really upset his parents. If you are adressed as "Freundchen" you are most likely in big trouble. There is no real female equivalent.


"Vriendje" can also have this negative connotation as in german. By adding the -(t)je or -chen at the end, it is made smaller, less meaningful and that can be aggressive. We have the same with "vrouwtje". Does "Fraulein" not have the same meaning change in german?


I am reminded of Al Pacino's Scarface: "Say hello to my little friend," referring to his (actually large) Colt AR-15 rifle.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.


But there's an alternative path in the Hollywood mirror of languages: isn't this the line of Frau ?? Blucher? in young Frankenstein ? ;-)


"Hij is mijn vriend" can mean both friend and boyfriend, so you'll have to guess based on the situation. Many people use "vriend" when they feel "partner" sounds a bit stiff.


I think this new voice is really terrible, this sentence is absolutely undecipherable at normal speed.


Can "vriendje" also mean girlfriend?


No, the female equivalent would be "vriendinnetje".

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