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Before Posting a Question

Use the search function for the word, phrase or topic, you will often find your question has already been asked and answered

April 25, 2012



Can I upvote this a million times please?


I honestly never noticed the search function until it was mentioned just a few Qs up! Not very observant. On the other hand, they say that the best way to learn something is to teach it, so I see answering other people's questions as a way of learning it myself (and I only know the answers to the basic questions at this point). It's also nice to see the Qs I don't know the answers to come up again, sometimes I miss things as they get further down the list. Plus, not all answers are created equal - some people are better at answering them than others. But I will try to make use of the search function now, before posting a Q.


I agree, though I think the problem is that most users who re-ask a question that already has been answered 20 times do it directly from within the excercises where the search function isn't readily available. Perhaps it would be a good idea to change this and integrate a search button there. (Or to automatically search the forum for key words when someone wants to submit a question and offer them the possibility to read the corresponding discussions in the forum instead of posting their question.) I personally don't really mind answering the same question for the 21st time but currently useful information gets flooded by some basic questions that are asked again and again.

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