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  5. "Hoe ver bent u?"

"Hoe ver bent u?"

Translation:How far are you?

September 19, 2014



Isn't it "Hoe ver ben u"? Can you guys explain why it isnt that way?


I think the "t" is dropped only in combination with "jij/je": Hoe ver ben jij?" but "Hoe ver bent u?"


What is "how far are you" meant to mean? In the sense "how far away are you?" - although that answer isn't accepted.


It can mean anything, how far are you in executing your plan to rule the world, how far are you with reading this letter/page/newspaper.

How far away are you? is not accepted, because that would be Hoe ver weg bent u?


Basically it's ambiguous as a question.

Like for example, earlier I asked my mum "how far are you?" and because she's travelling to London today, she knew I meant "how far away from London are you?" was to be interpreted so she answered "we're near Portsmouth" but, I could've also meant "how far are you" as in "how far are you on Papa Pear Saga?" but depending on the conversation and situation, it's open to any interpretation.


I just got to level 8 in Dutch, I'm at level 11 French and level 12 Spanish. I assume you are level 100 in all languages?



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