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What else do you use ?

Aside from using Duolingo, I thought I would ask / find out what everybody else uses in conjunction to using Duolingo.

I personally use this, watch TV5 Monde (but at the moment, find it difficult to understand) and thats about it..

June 5, 2013

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Hi. I think Duolingo is the best online language learning resource that I have come across, because it "feeds" you the grammar progressively and hence it puts the language in context, so that you understand how it works, as opposed to just randomly teaching you words or standardised expressions.

That said, and because the vocabulary provided here is relatively limited, I also use memrise to build my italian vocabulary and I have to say it's a very effective platform in terms of how they interpret and use the SRS concept.


I also listen to RAI 3 radio and I have downloaded a couple of easy free ebooks, which I will start reading as soon as I go past the Present Tense in verbs :)

You could perhaps search for "ebooks gratuits" in French if you like and I also note that the Project Gutenberg has an even larger database in french than in italian! http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/languages/fr

The other thing I constantly use is Forvo, because as excited as I am about Duolingo, I don't trust it that much when it comes to the audio / pronunciation part. Sometimes it's very good, but sometimes it sounds completely off. Forvo is a database of audio clips of words uploaded by native speakers, it's free and incredibly useful. You can even request for a word if it's missing (haven't even had to do it yet) and you can even check which area of the country the speaker comes from. So, every time I get introduced to a new word by Duolingo, I instantly move to the next tab in my browser and check how it's pronounced through Forvo.


Also, I tried the first italian BBC lesson and it suited me very well, so I'll carry on with the rest of them. However, I suspect it might be more beneficial to space these lessons out a bit (in italian you are normally expected to do one lesson each week), because you really gain the most of them if you repeat them at least one more time, which is what is also suggested by BBC, so this repetition combined with using Duolingo, memrise, reading, tv / radio etc, means LESS OFTEN for me!


I have also randomly searched for "free italian podcasts" and got to a few interesting results on google.

I hope that's of some use!

What I would really love to use is some kind of podcast or video, or anything with audio really, that has the caption / subtitles in italian as well; I am not interested in an english translation; just looking for a way to be able to read what I'm listening to at the same time. If anyone knows of such a tool, please let me know.

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