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  5. "Drengene spiser sandwiches."

"Drengene spiser sandwiches."

Translation:The boys eat sandwiches.

September 19, 2014



Is the plural of sandwiches "sandwiches" or "sandwicher"? I've now seen it both ways


Both ways are correct (not sure about officially, but they're both definitely used), depends on the speaker really


'sandwiches' is inofficial but also correct


I swear, when I make a mistake, it's English articles.


It seems like I just cannot pronounce it correctly, can I? So difficult even if it's such a basic sentence. I am very afraid what awaits me in the future


Sandwiches is the English way. In Danish it should be "Sandwicher", but because sandwich is an imported word, many danes just say "Drengene spiser sandwich" it feels more natural to say it that way. But don't worry, if you say "må jeg få to sandwiches", you will get to sandwiches, and no one would lift an eyebrow.


What is the correct pronunciation of the Danish "sandwiches"? I am not sure I am making it out right here at Duolingo. It does not sound like it ends as it is written (i.e., identical to English), rather, it sounds something like "sandwisch", with possibly a stopped syllable at the end.

[I get that both "sandwiches" and "sandwicher" are acceptable usages, I am referring to what I heard said for "sandwiches", in particular]


How would you says "the sandwiches"?


Why does speaker miss "ch" sound and says something like "sandwies". I don't think that pronunciation of this word can be changed in the basis of the word in the plural.


The speaker says something like "sandwichs", which is hard to pronounce, so it's no wonder the plural sandwicher is mostly used instead. Also the 'ch' sound is not part of Danish phonetics.

Anyway, the pronounciation of the base word should not change here.

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