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"Did you follow any of that at all?"

Translation:Você seguiu alguma coisa daquilo?

June 5, 2013



This is confusing: Why put the "at all" when there is no equivalent in portuguese?


This sentence is normal in English, but very unnatural in Portuguese. I don't know why they even put the "at all". The sentence in English is more like an expression than something with translatable meaning. =(


Would a Portuguese speaker even understand what it means? Can seguir mean understand in Portuguese? You'd just say did you understand any of that - você entendeu qualquer dessa?


No, a Portuguese speaker probably wouldn't. You could maybe use "acompanhar" instead of "follow" I suppose, and you'd at least have a better chance of us getting it. Your suggestion/question sentence needs a small correction:

"Você entendeu alguma coisa (disso/daquilo/que ele falou)?"

There are many possible optional words I could put in those parentheses. You could also say something like "does that make sense?" (faz sentido?) =]


Thanks. My Portuguese is very limited, but I try and have a go. It's another example of not being able to use direct translation (any for some).


What's wrong with this: Você seguiu qualquer de tudo isso?


We don't use "seguir" as it is used in English in this sentence (understand--usually a line of thought), so it doesn't make sense to us. "Qualquer de tudo isso" isn't used either, it seems incomplete. You could say "você entendeu alguma coisa daquilo?" (did you understand any of that?) in normal conversation, but in the wild we'd probably just say something like "entendeu?" (did you understand?). I hope it helps! =]


This is a tricky one! I tried with "você seguiu nada disso em tudo?" Unfortunately I got an knock-back and have lost all my hearts.


Yes, it's tricky... your sentence translates to something like "you followed none of that in everything?". If you really want to understand, take a look at the other comments and see if some of them help. =]

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