"Facciamo una passeggiata."

Translation:We take a walk.

June 5, 2013



"We're taking a walk" is, indeed, more idiomatic in English but I think that "We're having a walk" or "We have a walk" should be accepted too! Am I wrong?

June 5, 2013


damn right

February 15, 2014


yep should also accept "Let's have a walk"

July 22, 2015


Or, Let's take a walk.

September 1, 2017


I agree. "let's go for a walk" should be accepted

November 3, 2018


You remenber Duolingo teaches American English and not British English

March 25, 2016


Duolingo accepts British spellings and idioms. It may not teach British English, but it also doesn't penalise users who use it as part of their natural language.

April 11, 2017


'we go for a walk' is a much more English expression.

September 8, 2013


Excuse me?! One of the hints for facciamo is "(We)get stoned". What?

November 17, 2014


It is the first one too.

November 29, 2014


Haven't you ever gotten stoned on a walk?

March 3, 2018


We go on a walk - should also be accepted.

June 20, 2015


In my neck of the woods, we say "go on a walk"

February 19, 2016


For Facciamo una passeggiata, Duolingo accepts these (and possibly more):

  • We're taking a walk.
  • Let's take a walk.

I'm glad it understands that it can be interpreted to be an imperative command.

December 22, 2015


I actually put "Let's take a walk" and was marked wrong. I'm almost positive I've heard this said when in Italy.

June 21, 2017


"Facciamo" can also be subjunctive,so I agree and also wrote "Let's take a walk."

June 24, 2017


Yes 'facciamo' can be used in the subjunctive mood but I do not see the connection with this phrase. "Let's take a walk." surely it would have to be in a phrase something like:- Mi pare che facciamo una passeggiata. or Che peccato che facciamo una passeggiata. I am not saying that these are good phrases, but you get the drift. please correct me if I am wrong.

January 17, 2019


7/17 "Let's take a walk" was not accepted; the corrected sentence was "we take a walk".

July 19, 2017


7/17 "Let's go for a walk" not accepted. Correct: "We go for a walk"

July 22, 2017


"let's take a walk" is not accepted for some reason.

July 26, 2017


taking a walk is American English - let's have a walk - or let's go for a walk

September 7, 2014


Hm, tried both and both were marked wrong. Also "Lets take a walk" was wrong. Strange though

October 6, 2017


being invited to 'take a walk' is what happens when a gangster requires your presence outside, to enable lead bullets to be inserted into your cranium; at velocity. In England we prefer to 'go for a walk', of our own accord.

January 4, 2015


Couldn't it also be "let's go for a walk"? I tried that, and it was not accepted.

July 19, 2017


I am sorry for my bad english, but Why is it wrong "we do or make a walk ?"thank you for the answer

October 5, 2014


i think its just one of those weird sentences that shouldn't be taken literally. You might just have to remember the idiom

December 5, 2014


(Native UK English speaker) You can "do a walk" when it's a specific, known route - for example "we're doing the coast-to-coast walk", but if you were just going for a wander to the local park you would be "having a walk" or "taking a walk". In English you never "make a walk", in fact you very rarely (if ever?!) "make" any activity.

October 28, 2015


From the choices given, why can't 'we are doing a walk' work?

July 7, 2015


Sure why not, it's at least a common as "talking a walk". I would report it.

July 22, 2015


I reported it. I was thinking in terms of doing a long walk, for example "We are doing the Pennine Way"

July 22, 2015


"let's take a walk" NOT accepted 7/29/2017


July 29, 2017


Salve! Ho scritto: "Let's take a walk." Duo dovrebbe accetare anche questa traduzione, secondo a me. Ciao.

August 28, 2017


My answer we are going for a walk was a walk and the correct answer was given as 'we're given 1 walk'

July 24, 2017


Wrote 'Lets go for a walk' and it wasn't accepted :(

July 27, 2017


we take a walk .Not 1 walk!

September 4, 2017


This is not really correct. I translated it as "we stroll" and it was marked wrong. I believe my translation is more in spirit with the actual activity.

In American English - "take a walk" is pretty purposeful, while every "passagiata" I have every taken in Italy is a leisurely stroll (often in the cool of the evening) to see and be seen, to meander, to take the air.

October 28, 2017

[deactivated user]

    This came up as 'We've a walk' ! WRONG

    November 30, 2017


    Let's go on a walk should also be accepted.

    January 10, 2018


    8/16/18 ll--Let's take a walk is not accepted, but I dont't see any good reason why not in these 36 comments!! Help!!

    August 17, 2018


    "Facciamo" is also the 1st person plural imperative, which is usually translated as "Let's...", In this case, that would be, "Let's take a walk."

    March 9, 2019
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