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"Is it true that we won the race?"

Translation:È vero che abbiamo vinto la gara?

June 5, 2013



How come this doesn't need the subjunctive to be used?


The main clause is in the present and the subordinate clause is in the past. So, there is no uncertainty, it's asking about a predetermined fact. The subjunctive would be used for, "Is it true that they ARE winning?" The subjunctive in this example acknowledges incomplete information to something happening concurrently.


I wanted to use the subjunctive too but couldn't remember how to do that. Then I remembered that this lesson comes before subjunctive in the tree. :)


"È vero che vincemmo la gara" sounds fine to me and is accepted.


Why davvero is not correct instead of using vero?


I have this solution but it is not accepted:

  • E' vero che abbiamo vinto la corsa?

What do you think about it?


Is "vincevamo" acceptable here?


I don't think so... Since that's the imperfect tense of vincere, and they are looking for it in the present perfect tense. Your sentence would translate "is it true that we WERE WINNING (or used to win) the race," while abbiamo vinto makes the sentence translate as "is it true that we HAVE WON the race." (sorry for that caps haha.)

Hope that helped. :))


Is this an acceptable solution? È vero che ci siamo vincitori della gara?

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