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French Level 2 Lesson 1 has incorrect word list.

The women are eating.

My answer: Les femmes sont mangez. Correct answer: Les femmes mangent.

List of words to choose from does not include the word mangent.

June 5, 2013



Do you mean that you had to select the answer from a drop-down box or were you looking at the dictionary hints? The sentence "Les femmes sont mangez" doesn't really have meaning and I would be surprised if Duolingo suggested "sont mangez" as a normal combination to you. Be careful when looking at dictionary hints. Duolingo gives general hints and you might still have to think about which form of a word you need to use based on the sentence.


Thank you Lenkvist! It's happened at least twice now. I was using my andriod phone, both times, and I had to tap the words to form the sentence. It probably displayed 8-10 words to form the sentence. My issue is that mangent wasn't even an option from the list of words to choose from even though it did have different forms of the word (manger, manges, mangez). Maybe it's just an issue on android.

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