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  5. "Hvorfor er du ond?"

"Hvorfor er du ond?"

Translation:Why are you evil?

September 19, 2014



How do you say 'why are you perpetuating a binary universal morality system?' in Danish? You know, just in case I get asked this question in real life..


I can't seem to find a word for perpetuating, but you can say something like Hvorfor tænker du stadig i et universalt binært moralitetssystem?


De onde means the evil ones; so does this mean that Den ond would be the evil one? Also, can all adjectives become nouns in danish by putting "De/Den/Det" behind them?


It would be "Den onde" also, to mean "the evil one".

I never thought about adjectives turning to nouns by adding the definitive article, but I suppose you are right? You do in most cases have to add that "e" at the end though, or doubling of a consonant plus the "e", e.g. the color green is "grøn" but "the green" would be "det grønne". Seems to me it would be akin to adding "The" in front of words in English.


better translation for the way it is used would be "why are you mad/ angry," not evil!!


Technically "ond" is "evil" - whereas "mad/angry" would be something like "gal/vred".

I'd suggest that a word that might work better, being a little less biblical, would be "mean" (Why are you [so] mean!?). Another could be "malicious" depending on the context and setting? :-)


It reminds me of the word in English "andri" For example somebody could say "He is being mean and andri to me right now because he does not like me."


I have never heard of ‘andri’. ‘Angry’ is more plausible.


Why it doesnt accept "mean" as a translation for "ond"?

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