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"Eso era todo lo que él necesitaba para usar su computadora."

Translation:That was everything that he needed to use his computer.

June 5, 2013



"That was all he needed in order to use his computer" should be a correct translation of this Spanish sentence ... one of the primary uses of the Spanish word para is commonly translated into English as "in order to"


Arizona: That is what I wrote and it was accepted by Duo. Duo didn't accept it on your page?


Some of Duolingo s English translations are too stringent


How does the "lo" function in this sentence? I'm not sure why it's there.


Hola barnheart: The "lo" is part of the phrase "lo que"; "lo que" means "that which". So technically, the sentence "Eso era todo lo que él necesitaba para usar su computadora." would translate as "That was all that which he needed in order to use his computer". For better sounding English, we just say "that".


"That was all that he used to need to use his computer." Why is this wrong?


It gives a totally different meaning. It says he used to need those things to use the computer but today he could use it without them. To get that across you would have to say "solía necesitar"


So are you saying that "all" and "everything "don't mean the same thing. I say they do!!


era is a past tense so it should be "was" instead of "is"


D_lo: That is correct, but why are you mentioning it? The word "era" IS the correct answer, above, at the top of this page.


I put "That used to be everything he needed to use his computer" but Duo said it should be "That IS everything..." I don't think that "is" is correct; maybe "was" is better if they don't like "used to be".


I think your answer is a fair translation. Report it.


'was necessary' not accepted! Why? Reported.


Although it conveys the same general sense the point is that "he" needed it.


4 years on and my past comments embarrass me!


Why can it not be That was all that he was needing...?


Why not "That used to be all that he needed to use his computer"?


That was all he needed for using his computer. Why is this wrong?


Seems OK too me. Report it.


I'm not 100% on this but I could swear I answered this without "in order to" in front of "to use" and was counted wrong. This time I put "in order to" in the answer and was given an alternative correct answer that excluded it. Makes learning hard when the goal keeps moving!


That was all is correct

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