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What is "Immersion" here?

I can't figure out what this part of the system is supposed to do. Is it just reading matter for practice in the target language, or is there some other, or additional, point?

September 19, 2014



You can read it just for reading practice or translate it too for real world practice.

[deactivated user]

    Immersion is a place like Discussion. people post stuff, and you have to translate them. it improves your reading and writing skills. sometimes you are required to translate more than one sentence at a time. The more sentences you translate the more XP you get. If you get something wrong,p in your sentence, other people will edit it, and fix your mistake. if you spell the sentence correctly, people will up vote your sentence. Hope this helps! ;)



    Thanks! Personally I find it confusing to look at other people's translations, and also tempting to use them as a crutch. But reading the articles does enable me to become more familiar with the language (Spanish, in my case).

    [deactivated user]

      Your Welcome


      Another resource (but not free) is the website www.thinklanguage.com I subscribe to ThinkSpanish, which is an online magazine issued every month with articles in Spanish. Words and phrases which are less familiar are defined in a sidebar, which means they can have article on many different subjects. Many are about various parts of the world which would be of interest to someone learning Spanish. There are also publications in French and Italian.

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