Confusing Words: MISS or LOSE?

Do you know the difference between miss and lose? These two words are very similar, but we use them differently in English. Do you say “I lost the bus” or “I missed the bus”? Did you “lose your keys” or “miss your keys”? Don’t miss this English lesson! I’ll teach you when to use these words, so you can avoid making mistakes with these confusing English words. Once you know the difference, take the quiz to make sure you understand the correct usage!

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I missed the bus means that you arrived too late and the bus left.

I lost the bus means that you have a bus and you forgot where you put it.

I missed my keys means that your keys went off without you.

I lost my keys means you don't know where your keys are

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Se usa miss cuando pierdes un objeto que no es tuyo I missed the train or plane .Y usas lose cuando lo que se ha perdido es de tu propiedad I lost my keys or if you are the owner of a plane you can say I missed my plane , the last one I lost the race because you was in the race I hope that this help you

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miren mas facil, miss cuando pierdes algo que esta pasando medios de transporte, un evento, un avion. lose, es para pertenencias no necesariamente materiales, paciencia,razon, cordura,aunque tambien pueden ser materiales. miss tambien se usa para decir que echamos de menos a alguien

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