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Pause the timer if we open the discussion

In the context of timed practices, it would be great if we could not be penalized for investigating why an answer was right or wrong.

June 5, 2013



Why is it even still running when the answers are being shown? Shouldn't it either pause to allow us to view our mistakes or allow us to look through where we went wrong at the end?

A lot of the time I have no idea why my timed answers are wrong as I need to hit enter immediately, making it almost pointless as a learning exercise, but I want to use the timed version to practice my speed.


well i hate the timer thing because i rush so fast that i lose all my hearts=looks annoyed % seconds later-the fake crying owl come up


It depends on what part you chose, I recommend to practice a section's lessons or use practice skill and chose the no timed one. These will both reward you points as well as help you understand the language because in real life some one may say what is your favorite color and you would respond almost instantly, instead of telling them a minute later.

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