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"She is still a girl."

Translation:Ella todavía es una niña.

5 years ago



i put todavia before ella... why is that wrong?

todavia ella es una nina. (wrong according to duolingo)

4 years ago


What is wrong with muchacha?

4 years ago


I still don't get when to use es or esta, soy or estoy....

5 years ago


Gross oversimplification:

The estar version of 'to be' is used in conjunction with emotions, location or feelings. (ELF). Estoy feliz, (I am happy.) Yo estoy en mi casa. (I am in my house). Estoy cansado. (I feel tired.)

Where the ser version is used for more permanent conditions. Soy una persona. (I am a person.) Usted es inteligente. (You are intelligent.) Somos abogados. (We are lawyers, a condition that no one truly recovers from.)

5 years ago


Yes but being a girl is not permanent, one day girls become women. Given this logic suggests that estar should be used in this case, but it isn´t. Do you know why?

4 years ago


Ser is used for descriptions- Yo soy alto. Or "ella es una niña." Girl is a description in this case.

How you feel and where you are, always use the verb estar. "Estoy en la casa." "Estoy cansado" (i am sleepy)

4 years ago


My incorrect answer was: "Todavía ella es una niña." Does anyone know why "ella" would have to come first if it will be used?

4 years ago


Why was tampoco not allowed instead of aún

4 years ago


Tampoco= neither

4 years ago