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  5. "Det er en lokal fest."

"Det er en lokal fest."

Translation:It is a local party.

September 20, 2014



Could it be meant as a party in the politucal sense?


A political party would be "et parti"


I believe you can translate it to fest as well as party


Nellefant, it would not be wrong, but in Denmark we use the word festival, when we mean festival. We use fest if we mean party.


A festival in English is not only a music festival - there are also traditional events like a harvest festival or a midsummer festival. Easter is a Christian festival. From googling I see that this kind of thing can also be called en fest in Danish.


In US English, one would never use 'festival' for Easter or Christmas or anything. It would be a 'holiday'. Festival in English is more like a music fest, where a lot of bands/singers are performing, or a big gathering where there might be a lot of things to do/see (like a 'brat fest' where people get together and eat German foods and the like). Usually these things are outdoors and people wander around, eating/listening to music/watching people present things.


Det er en lokal fest - why is it not lokalt? We use det, so it seemed like lokalt was the way to go.


'Det' here doesn't refer to 'fest', though. For 'fest' you've used 'en', which means it's not neuter. 'Det' is used in the same way as the English 'it' in this sentence, in a more general sense referring to the whole sentence or the whole phenomenon you're describing, not to a specific grammatical word.


How about festival? 2nd time


It seems strange to call a party "local" in English. Definitely seems like "festival" would make more sense in English in this case. .

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