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"Knowledge comes with education."

Translation:Tagann eolas le oideachas.

September 20, 2014



'Le' prefixes 'h' to words beginning with a vowel in Munster and Ulster. So 'le oideachas' and 'le hoideachas' are both correct.


As this course is based on the Caighdeán, note that the Caighdeán mandates a prefixed h on nouns after le and go (§10.4.1 D.) and on adjectives after le, go, and chomh (§10.4.2 A.).

This translation should have been Tagann an t-eolas leis an oideachas, since both “knowledge” and “education” are abstract nouns that are used in a general sense in the sentence.


What is the Caighdeán?


is this a proverb? sounds like one ha


How are fios and eolas different?


eolas is a wider term - "He knows about computers!", whereas fios is a more specific term - "he knows about the meeting".

There are situations where you can use eolas or fios, and there are situations where one is clearly more appropriate than the other.


sounds like seanfhocal, a proverb


Should eolais (plural) be used here as knowledge is an uncountable mass noun?


Tagann arán leis an anraith, tagann anraith leis an mbéile, tagann airgead leis an bpost.

eolas doesn't have a plural, eolais is the genitive.

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