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  5. "Dov'è il mio posto?"

"Dov'è il mio posto?"

Translation:Where is my place?

September 20, 2014



One of the suggestions for "posto" is parking space -- is that a common usage in Italian?


In Bergamo a parking place is called a 'box'


when do i write "Dov'è" vs. "dove" ... not exactly sure of the rules here.


"Dove" means only "where" whilst "dov'è" means "where is". It's literally a condensed form of the two words "dove" and "è".


Where's my seat? seems to be the idea here as asked e.g. on a plane, train, or in a restaurant. It was accepted.


My understanding of posto before this was it means seat. Didn't know it as "place."


Rosebelle - A 'handy' idiom I learned while studying in Bologna is "(io) sono a posto cosi'" meaning "I'm fine, okay" when e.g., asked by a waiter in a restaurant if I wished anything else..The subject of course can be changed as the situation requires: siamo a posto cosi etc.


So what would "where is my position?" be?



Strictly speaking, that would be "Dov'è la mia posizione?", dear sir :)


That's true, but as I said, I was speaking of the English noun, not its Italian equivalent.


I can't speak for the Italian noun, but in English you might say that when asking about your position on a football, soccer, baseball team etc.


In the kitchen cooking my dinner


How to say, this is my place


Hi there, sahanqaad!

➡️ Questo è il mio posto

...and that is also a nice way to say "This is where I belong", "I belong here".


Despite these comments, I am still not sure what sort of place is meant. The picture question showed the interior of a large building (I had thought it was going to be a post-office, but that wasn't an option). It certainly wasn't a parking place or a seat. Any further suggestions?


It seems like a philosophical question comparable to "Perché moriamo?"


Yes Duo, put me in my place ;) lol


In the kitchen! So I can serve you dinner, of course.


Wait what does this mean?


In French, Duo insists on translating "chez moi" as "my place", rather than " my home". I assume that that is not one of the meanings of "my place" here.


You are right, il mio posto doesn't normally translate as "my place" as in "my house" or "home", like the French chez moi does.

Il mio posto means:

  • "my seat" e.g. at the table, in a movie theater or in the parliament.
  • "my place" e.g. by my husband's side, in society or as in "Put yourself in my place".

The equivalent of the French chez moi in Italian would be da me or a / in casa mia.

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