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Pausing timer in timed practice when discussion tab is opened

I'm sure by now this has been posted a million times, but is it at all possible that, when doing timed practice, we could get it so the timer pauses when a) you have the comments pulled up, or b) you are providing feedback to the website? It's really irritating when I want to spend a quick 15 seconds checking why I got a question wrong, only to have the timer run out on me while I'm reading.

Moreover, at the bare minimum it would be nice if, when the timer runs out, the program didn't dump you out of the discussion/feedback page, thus invalidating anything you might have been typing but hadn't yet posted.

September 20, 2014



I wish it would be, too. I hate it when I have to stop and read a discussion to understand something. Either I have to scroll quickly through the discussion stream, follow it to save it for later, or just force myself to move on when time's very low.


Another option (which might be slightly easier to implement) would be to have links to the discussions for each question on the "Review Lesson" scorecard.

Really though, any way to get back to the discussions would be great. It's frustrating seeing that a question you get wrong has 50+ comments in its discussion, but knowing that you don't have time to see what the fuss is all about.

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