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Repeat lesson?

How can I repeat a previous lesson from the beginning?

September 9, 2012



Not everyone learns in the same way. For me it's critical to be able to go back and review areas where I'm weak. I love Duolingo but the inability to retake lessons in the 2018 version is a major disadvantage for me. I really hope this kind of functionality is added to the program.


The answers to this issue just don't apply to the new tree (2018). How can you repeat a lesson?


Same question here.


Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current "Crowns method"
"Crowns FAQ" https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26739837

I can’t pick what lesson I want to do anymore.

We want to give the right balance of choice and guidance, and we’re still tweaking that. So far, we haven’t been hearing complaints that content is too difficult; the feedback has been that difficulty is effortless and natural or that it’s too easy. Therefore, we aren’t concerned at this time that skills are advancing too quickly for learners.


I agree. It is quite annoying that you cannot repeat lessons. I’ve been away from the app for awhile and have just gotten back into my studies...but cannot repeat lessons I completed months ago and cannot remember well. This is very ineffective.


I agree - restoring the ability to repeat a lesson is critical for effective learning.


The inability to repeat lessons is hindering the way I'm using Duolingo, and the speed that I'm learning!

When taking a lesson, I find that I either learn new words, or learn the grammar and language structure. I struggle doing both well at the same time. So, because I can't repeat a lesson, first focusing on new words, and then repeating again focusing on structure, I've found I need to use TinyCards to learn the vocabulary in advance before I can get the most out of the lessons.

Beyond my initial learning process, I'm also very concerned that I won't be able to refresh my memory as time passes. I guess I'll need to sign up as a new user? Seems silly to me.

DuoLingo, who can we ask to have this changed?


Come on Duo Lingo answer the question

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