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Presenting new concepts poorly

I might be missing something, but it makes me sad when I'm learning and, instead of presenting me with the concept and asking for a translation as an introduction, it presents me with a new concept and asks me to produce it without having seen it before.

Example: I'm on French, Basics Two, Level 3, and I was asked to produce the French for something like "Are you eating the apple?", but I have never seen the structure for a question before in the lessons. I hope this is a bug and is not working as intended.

June 5, 2013



Couldn't agree more. It's discouraging


I think the intention here is to try to reproduce an "immersion" experience. You're not sure how to say something, so you make an attempt, and you're either correct (which means you guessed right, or maybe knew more than you thought) or you're not (which means you have something to learn, and then you learn it). Anyway that's my impression. I've taken some French classes before, so I'm using this as a refresher too, and it's only because I've taken French before that I've known the answer to some of the early questions. It's a very different concept to other foreign language learning programs I've tried, but as I get used to it I'm finding I like it more.


I've noticed this too. I'm using Duolingo as a refresher for French but even I needed some help with that one. I was stuck in that basics section of French for much too long.


I am having this issue too. I have successfully completed a section and want to practice, but new words from the next lesson are being brought up in my lesson practice. I just want to solidify what I have already learned before moving forward, and this is really quite annoying. This isn´t the first time it´s happened to me, but it´s bothering me more now.

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