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"Het vliegveld ligt in een polder."

Translation:The airport is in a polder.

September 20, 2014



Dank je, ik zal binnenkort een expert op het gebied van Nederland zijn!


Haha, so the Dutch have special powers?


is luchthaven more used, as i am now in nederland, i saw it everywhere.


I'd say "luchthaven" is slightly more formal; as far as I can tell, most people use "vliegveld" in casual conversation. However, both are acceptable.


I have yet to hear someone talk about 'Schiphol Vliegveld'


"Schiphol is de grootste luchthaven van Europa geworden, als je kijkt naar het totale aantal vluchten dat het verwerkt. Het vliegveld verwerkte in april gemiddeld 681 starts per dag, meer dan welk ander Europees vliegveld dan ook."



Yes I also know luchthaven as a big airport and een vliegveld to me means a small airport for little Cessna type single propeller planes.


luchthaven - airport. vliegveld - [flying field] - airfield. vliegbasis - airbase.

The 'normal' word to use for an aerodrome is 'vliegveld'. Luchthaven just makes it sound over-important, so it is really only used by the airport itself to sound more classy, by the police etc. in an effort to sound authorative or by people making a joke.


can a polder be reclaimed land, like a man-made island or peninsula?


A polder can consist of reclaimed land (like many polders in the Netherlands), but that's not what it means. A polder is usually surrounded by levees such that the water level in it can be controlled.

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