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"De VOC was zeer belangrijk voor onze scheepvaart."

Translation:The VOC was very important for our shipping industry.

September 20, 2014



FYI, VOC is a Dutch fundraiser in 17th-early20th century in Indonesia. The money came from the Indonesian's commodity trade. Tragically, how they got the source was by forcing the local people to work like slaves in Africa until 350 years before we were handed to Japan. 3 years following, the land proclaimed its freedom. You still can Dutch heritage in language, house and culinary. Like Dutch, commonly Indo people can stand in line !!


Notice the "can stand in line" it's just expecting sarcasm of the real situation


I wouldn't really call it a fundraiser - more of a trading company for mainly spices


why does the translation of a new word - Dutch to English show the Dutch name?

Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie Instead of the Dutch east india company?


Hmm, this organization enslaved us in the past. Reminds me of our history


Why is "important to" not accepted on a par with "important for"? I see no discernible difference in the English rendering, and "voor" can be translated either way in English.


Very likely because nobody has reported it yet.


Scheepvaart - is that a common euphemism?


It's not perse a euphemism. Dutch and German are closely related and since you are learning German you may know that you can use fahren for driving a car, but also for ships/boats.

The Dutch verb varen has the same origin as the German fahren, and while these days the verb varen is mainly used in relation to ships/boats words such as luchtvaart and ballonvaart indicate that this was not always the case.

Notably, some of the Dutch dialects still use varen to refer to driving a car, similar to the German fahren.


how about* merchant navy *


Would it be acceptable to use "heel" as well?


Yes, you can use "heel". :)

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