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"De zeehond, die dichtbij de waddeneilanden leeft, behoort tot deze familie van dieren."

Translation:The seal, which lives close to the wadden islands, belongs to this family of animals.

September 20, 2014

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My translation was "The seal that lives close to the wadden islands belongs to this family of animals." It was counted wrong and a bubble popped up explaining that "that is only used in restrictive clauses, and the commas imply the use of which" or something close to that effect.

There was a similar translation below that was word-for-word the same as my answer, except the word "to" was omitted from the phrase "close to." I'm unsure of whether to report my answer as correct as a result, but I'm going to anyway.

In any case, making a distinction between "that" and "which" is rather unnecessary and nit-picky, especially since we assume that the learner knows good English. In common English, I think that they would be used almost interchangably in this case. If I spoke this or a similar sentence aloud, I don't know if I would ever choose "which" no matter the nuances between the two.

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