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Failed practice on mobile should strengthen skills

If you fail a practice on the Web (i.e., lose all hearts), the words you have practised get strengthened.

This is not the case on Android (nor iOS). This makes practising a waste of time, especially in tandem with all the errors in Italian course.

I guess I'm not practising on Android any more.

September 20, 2014



I think on mine it does strengthen when I fail. My view is, if you fail it it shouldn't strengthen. If you fail the lesson you obviously don't understand it properly, so why then would it be strengthened if you fail? Makes no sense to me. That's just my opinion though.


You can verify that by visiting the words page after failing the practice. You can see the most recently practised words and the time of practice.

What makes sense is this: you fail, so you don't get any points. But all your correct answers strengthen respective words, because you obviously understand them.

Note that general practice is not a "lesson", it can be sentences from all across the tree, i.e. many different skills.


Ah OK, in that case I see what you mean. I think, when I was on the app, one of my skills was not golden, so I went to practice it, failed, and then it turned gold. If you fail a particular skill I don't think it should strengthen.


I'm not sure why this is being posted in the troubleshooting section. This is not a bug, it is intended behaviour. If you want to suggest this behaviour for mobile, then sending an email to support, or putting this in the main forum makes more sense.

That said, incomplete timed practice has always strengthened words, but not untimed practice. They are currently A/B testing an incomplete untimed practice that boosts word strength.


I hope that the test will be successful. I find it highly annoying, that when I fail untimed practice I "gain" nothing. In the space repetition system it even helps your memory if you got wrong. But even if the word in the phrases you didn't get right aren't strengthened at least those I got right should get marked as repeated. And if someone wishes to cheat herself by using Google translate, then let her. No harm is done, but to his knowledge. crossing my fingers and finding it sad, that I am not in the test group this time around


Inconsistent behaviour is intended?

If that's a test on the web, that's fine, let's hope it will please people. I imagined it was always like this.


There's nothing inconsistent about it. Timed practice requires you to think on your feet and answer quickly and correctly, with untimed practice you can basically google translate your way through it.

See an official description, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/486819.


I never mentioned timed practice. This entire discussion is about normal practice, at least on my part.

Inconsistent part is Web vs. Mobile, but you said it's only being tested on the web at the moment.


Well originally both Mobile and Web (untimed) exercises worked the same, and they will work that way again should the A/B test fail. So although my statement was general, it is still accurate.

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