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"Thank you for your explanation."

Translation:Obrigado por sua explicação.

June 5, 2013



the difference between "por" and "para", anyone, please?


Para is to/towards something, por is by something. Diga obrigado PARA sua esposa = say thank you to your wife. Obrigado pela jacket (pela - por+a: literally - thanks by(for) the jacket) there arent many clues for this :(


I see... thanks. This is the main rule. But i guess, sometimes it is kind of a question of expression, or grammatical complement (or what the word for this is). I'm not sure that it would always work that what i say as "by" in English goes exactly always like "por" in Portuguese. Gotta learn the expressions, no? just as you mentioned with the jacket example


Yeah, thats true. Prepositions changes a lot from language to language, so the best thing is learn them in context... (for example, in English "welcome TO, thanks FOR,..."). So, sometimes the best clue is to keep in mind at least one example on how to use them ;)


Thanks a million for this article! I've been trying to figure out the distinction for ages. :)


I´m guessing that the por and para usage is identical in Spanish and Portuguese, and if that is the case, por can also mean ´on behalf of´, ´because of´ and ´through´ (among others) in English.


What's the difference between obrigado and obrigada? Both words are considered acceptable translations for "thank you".


Obrigado (e definitivamente não obrigada)!


Why is it wrong to say "a sua explicação"?


right too. But you have to link them: "pela sua explicação".


Ah, I probably did not. That would explain it.


Why is seu wrong? Sua is correct


Seu is wrong because explicação is a feminine word. Seu is used for masculine words and sua is used for feminine words regardless of the gender of the speaker or the person being spoken to. For example, when saying "your daughter", you should say "sua filha" and not "seu filha" regardless of which parent you're speaking to.


Yeah I typed in seu too. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXPLANATION!

[deactivated user]

    Can I also use "VALEU" and can it be used anytime "obrigado" is used?

    • VALEU pela sua explicação


    Yes, most of the time, but it is very informal.

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