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  5. "I like beef."

"I like beef."

Translation:Is maith liom mairteoil.

September 20, 2014



I feel like I just threw random vowels into my answer and somehow got it right... Duolingo does magic for the subconscious 0.o


I'm confused on the appropriate usage differences between "Mairteoil" and "Mhairteoil".


maiteoil is the bare form of the word. Mhairteoil is after it is lenited. Because maireteoil is a feminine noun, it will be lenited following an "the".

Mar Shampla:

Is maith liom mairteoil - I like beef


Is maith liom *an mhairteoil - I like *the beef.


What is the difference of pronunciation between mairteoil and mhairteoil ? Thank you


The starting consonant. For Connemara: /m/ in the first, /w/ in the second.


It's crystal-clear to me, thank you.


How does the liom part work? I know it's different for other nouns, so it is an agreement of some sort?


It's different for other pronouns, not the noun. Liom is for i, leat for you, etc. The phrase is literally "NOUN is good to me."


Ahh got it, thanks!!


I wrote "marteoir" and it wasn't accepted. I know it's wrong but duolingo usually accepts minor spelling mistakes, especially if it's only one letter away. Does "marteoir" have another meaning?


It has no meaning.


I'm wondering what the listed alternative versions of "I like" go appropriately with. Such as "Is maith le." Does that work in reference to beef?


Is maith le is the basic structure of the phrase; the le can be combined with a pronoun to have a pronomial subject, e.g. Is maith liom X = Is maith le mé X = “I like X”, Is maith linn Y = Is maith le muid Y = “We like Y”, etc., or the le can be followed by a noun to have that noun as the subject, e.g. Is maith le Pól Z = “Pól likes Z”.

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