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  5. "De week eindigt morgen."

"De week eindigt morgen."

Translation:The week ends tomorrow.

September 20, 2014



How do you differentiate between "the week ends tomorrow" and "the week ending tomorrow"? In English the first sentence answers the question "when?" whereas the second one answers the question "which?"


"The week ending tomorrow" would be translated as "de week die morgen eindigt" (the week that ends tomorrow).


The pronunciation definitely sounds like "einrigt" for "eindigt". Is this correct?


I can definitely hear a d.


De week eindigt op morgen,.... why is op not used here?


Well, I don't know what your native language is, but when we think of the English counterpart of this sentence we see that it's not possible at add any prepositions:

The week ends tomorrow.

The same happens if we translate it to Spanish:

La semana termina mañana.

Or if we translate it to Portuguese:

A semana termina amanhã.

I think the same would happen in French:

La semaine se termine demain.

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