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Strategies of learning on Duolingo

When I get a long sentence to translate and there is no obvious translation, I think of many options, try them and often fail. Then I try to remember the suggestion I was given after my mistake. Next time I see the same sentence I often recall not the translation the owl wanted, but my previous wrong translation and type it again - and again fail. So the mistake tends to repeat and sink into my memory.

I've developed a strategy for dealing with such things. If I get a long French sentence in the beginning of a session, I read it and understand its meaning, that is, I get the idea or translate the sentence into Russian (which is my native language). Then I click "Skip" to see the "official" English versions. After that, I restart my session. Thus there is only one translation that sinks into my memory.

Sometimes when I'm working on a new topic, I start and restart the lesson 3-5 times, get the phrases I need and then pass the lesson without mistakes. This is not cheating as I don't copy and paste the sentences. But as I do it, I always wonder: why there are no introduction lessons on Duolingo where the owl would just show us some examples before giving us tasks of translation?

What tricks have you developed so far? :)

September 9, 2012

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Il semble que les traductions soient faites mot a mot. Généralement elle ne sont pas très naturelles. Vous aurez peut-être plus de succès ainsi.

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