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"Ora abbiamo una terza figlia."

Translation:Now we have a third daughter.

September 20, 2014



At school (and university) i was taught that ordinal numbers ALWAYS go with the definite article. How can it be "A third" then? Or my teachers were wrong? Native English speakers, can you help, please?


Hi, my native language is American English. More often you will hear the definite article before ordinal numbers, but the use here is correct.

Sometimes there is no article (e.g. "The winner came in first place."). Sometimes you use the definite article (e.g. "The first thing I did was to open the door."). And sometimes you do use the indefinite article, as seen here.

In this example, the speaker says, "Now we have a third daughter." The word "now" helps signal that the circumstances have changed from the past. Presumably the family used to have only two daughters, but now it has three. The indefinite article is used to emphasize this change in circumstance.

One might say, "I bought a second car." It's understood that before, he only owned one car. One might also use the possessive instead. "On vacation in Rome, I met my third husband." It's understood that the speaker had two prior husbands. She may be on her fifth marriage, but she is currently talking about husband number three.

I hope that helps. Let me know if I can further clarify anything I wrote.


It did help. Thanks a lot. And it's really impossible to learn foreign language 100% without experience of native speakers ) Thank again.


Why is it incorrect to say now we have a third child?


I may be wrong but I believe it is because when referring to a child (without specifying gender) the male form would be used. If the female form is used then we are referring specifically to a daughter.


What is the difference between ADESSO and ORA?

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As a translation for now, I do not believe there is a difference. http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=9473


I have a friend who's a native Italian speaker and I asked her the same thing. She said there is no difference, just that sometimes one sounds better in a sentence than the other.


Does that mean specifically that she's the third daughter, i.e. that she has two older sisters, or can it mean that she is the third child overall, even if the others are boys?


I got it right wow I did not know I would get it


Frances 679245 and I still want to know why not "child"?


https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/italian-english/figlio figlio - son (senza distinzione di sesso [without distinguishing the gender]) child. "Figlia" can only refer to a daughter.


Why wouldn't, "now we have a third girl" be correct?


Così tante figlie!


why not accept girl?


Mother: Now we have a third daughter. Father: We aren't stopping until we have a son Mother: sighs


Yeah you two might wanna slow down


So cute! Let's name her Sarah. Well, I'm open to suggestions...


Wow, already?? I just heard that your were expecting it? :o

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