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  5. "They like pineapples."

"They like pineapples."

Translation:Eles gostam de abacaxis.

June 5, 2013



How come it's showing: Elas and above they say Eles?


They = Eles/Elas Eles = male Elas = female


Eu gosto de pão com abacaxi!


ànanas is how european portuguese say pineapple.


That makes sense as it is closer to other European languages! Do you know if Duolingo has decidedly Brazilian leanings overall with the Portuguese vocabulary? I am brand new to this language so I haven't a clue. :-)


It is specific to Brazilian Portuguese, yes. You can tell by the flag next to the language, of course and by the pronunciation of the words. E.g. "De" would be pronounced as it is seen in European Portuguese but in Brazilian it's pronounced "dji".


I knew the flag was Brazilian, I just wan't sure how specific to Brazil the language was. Thanks!


By a Brazilian thats how much


why do you have to put elas? On some of them, i could just put the verb, conjugated and they would consider it right?


Why can we not leave out the subject pronoun? That has been accepted in many other cases. Can "Gostam de abacaxis." not convey the same meaning, depending on context?


how do I know when it is eles e elas since they works for both in English?


You lose information in the english version, so both would work. However with a specific context, that should not be a problem.


I put elas the first time and i got it wrong. The next time i put eles, and still got it wrong


It's because both sentences beginning with Eles and Elas are correct, not just one. You have to select all correct translations.


I noted with pleasure that ánanas is accepted (however it is not listed in the dropdown) - additions might be an easy solution to the ever ongoing discussion about BP and EP: just add the variants to the dropdowns and indicate BP and EP. This is also like online dictionaries (e.g. leo.org) handle it.


Why is "gostam de abacaxis" not possible? "Gosto de abacaxis" would be possible though.

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